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    The Lisa Jill Jewelry Collection was born out of Lisa’s life-long passion for creating art, her love of fashion and her obsession for scouring flea markets and antique shops looking for treasures from the past.

    Lisa began her first fashion venture as a teenager by producing a hand-painted, hand-dyed T-shirt line which she sold in local boutiques in her hometown in New York. This endeavor helped inspire her to pursue a BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Art. Her classes included; art history, photography, sculpting, painting, and jewelry design to name just a few.  It was 4 years of creating in every medium imaginable… pure heaven.

    After graduating, Lisa combined her passion for art, with her love of fashion by working in New York City at The Style Council, the world leader in textile and surface design. There, she used her creativity as an art director, designer, fashion trend forecaster and account executive. It was a dream job.  During her 15 years at The Style Council Lisa continued her other creative pursuits including making jewelry for family, friends and a few local boutiques.

    By 1999, her jewelry business had grown to a point where she decided to pursue The Lisa Jill Jewelry Collection full time. Thirteen years ago Lisa and her family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout the past 19 years her jewelry collection has been sold in over 50 retail stores nationwide and has been shown in countless art and gift shows. 

    Lisa’s one of a kind creations include reclaimed and recycled pieces of the past; vintage chains, unusual trinkets, cherished charms combined with natural elements and semi precious gems, fresh water pearls and diamonds.

    The Lisa Jill Jewelry Collection combines the romance, craftsmanship and heirloom quality of the past, with the modern, fresh style of the future.  The end result is bold and contemporary, yet classic and timeless.

    Contact us at: or 516 457 5432